30 Year Old Describes the Experience of Seeing in 3D for the First Time.

Vivid Vision Spotlights are a series of talks and conversations with experts and patients standing at the vanguard of vision science.We probe deep into their stories and experiences using Vivid Vision, living with vision ailments and more. Betsy Yaros is a vision therapy patient in Florida. We are grateful she was able lend us a few minutes of her time. Here are some highlights of our conversation (you can access our full discussion via this link).

"I just hope that more people try your software because it's amazing. I've done the Brock String for 100 plus hours and I've been doing so much therapy, just at home doing different things and honestly the change is so quick. All of a sudden, it's like bam, I'm seeing 3D."

Cris: How did you find out about Vivid Vision?

Betsy: My eye doctor out here in Florida, Dr. Nate. (Nathan Bonilla Warford), uses Vivid Vision in his clinic and we started using it. The first time I used the software I thought I was seeing 3D but I wasn't, it was still very cool because I could tell I was seeing out of both eyes and it was just an amazing experience and I thought I was seeing 3D. So that my was first time. My second time I played the game, I really saw 3D and umm, it was a little scary at first but it was very amazing because I was on the airplane flying through (rings) and there were asteroids that were actually popping out at me. The craziest thing happened after I took off the goggles  my eye doctor had me put a straw into another straw but when he did that he held out his hand and it looked like a boulder and the straw that he was holding looked this giant tube. It was amazing because this was the first time I was actually seeing 3D, like in real life.

Another time, after using the software it was really crazy because I went to the grocery store and it was the first time I looked at this bucket of oranges and each orange looked like a little globe and the aisles were like caves that I was walking through.Then this scary thing happened: this lady turned her head really quick. It was just so dimensional and her hair was just going through the air. So that's been part of my experience using Vivid Vision so far, it's crazy because I only use the software for about 5 minutes and then we do other exercises and right afterwards I'm seeing 3D for a little while.

Cris: Is there anything that you think our software could do better?

Betsy: Not that I can think of. I think of all the games, the one that works best for me is the flying airplane game (Ring Runner). I think the colors of the engine that faces towards me, my eyes engage on them and with the plus signs I could tell I am using both eyes. That's the one that I think it seems to be the most effective and I think as my eyes get better and stronger, the other games will be more effective too. I just hope that more people try your software because it's amazing. I've done the Brock String for 100 plus hours and I've been doing so much therapy, just at home doing different things and honestly the change is so quick. All of a sudden, it's like bam, I'm seeing 3D.

Cris: Any final thoughts or comments before we bring things to a close?

Betsy: I'm an older patient; a lot of times Vision Therapy might be targeted towards kids but I just want to give people hope because I'm 30 years old and I have had two eye surgeries, for my second surgery they took out a lot of my eye muscle and I was told I couldn't have any more operations after that and so I just want to encourage people that a lot of of them can achieve 3D and using your software can really help them.

Thanks again to Betsy for coming on the show. This podcast is also available on Itunes and Stitcher. Follow us @seevividly on twitter and Facebook for more content and updates.

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