Driving Problems

Driving problems can arise from having various eye disorders. Driving problems include not being able to judge the distance of the car in front of you as well as double vision while driving. Patients with Strabismus often have problems judging distance while driving.

Problems Driving from Strabismus

Since strabismus can cause double vision, it is no wonder that it can lead to issues while driving. Some states require passing vision exams that are difficult or impossible to pass without getting the crossed eye treated.

Problems Driving from Amblyopia

Although the problems driving due to amblyopia are not as obvious as those caused by strabismus, they are still a serious issue. People with lazy eye have a more difficult time processing the information of the moving world around them and using that to make decisions. It can take a longer time to estimate the distance or speed of other cars. Reading approaching signs can take significantly more cognitive effort compared to normally sighted people.

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