What is it like to have depth perception? Six things I didn't realize would be different in 3D.

Guest blogger, Betsy Yaros, shares six things she didn't realize would be different once she gained the ability to see in 3D as an adult.

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Signs You or Your Child May Benefit from Vision Therapy

Some signs are pretty clear. Signs of a struggling visual system often are not.

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What is Vision Therapy?

Optometric Vision Therapy, or VT, is devoted to developing, improving, and enhancing visual performance. Vision therapy can benefit people of all ages.

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The Chicken has Flown the Coop! Check out our newest game, Barnyard Bounce!

Barnyard Bounce is an interactive vergence game that allows patients to work on vergence facility while enjoying the fun and immersive quality of VR.

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Will you be my Neuroplasticity?

Neuroplasticity, in essence, are neurons turning those first date jitters into long-lasting relationship connections! So won’t you be my neuroplasticity? Or...should we just say …..Valentine?

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Introducing a New Game for Vergence Training: Barnyard Bounce

Barnyard Bounce is the first of a series of planned game releases focused on vergence therapy. This is an early release that offers training of Base-In and Base-Out vergence abilities. An updated PDF copy of the Games Manual will be included in our next email notification.

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