Virtual Reality vision therapy is now available to be prescribed for home use

Vivid Vision releases Vivid Vision Home, allowing eye doctors in the US and Canada to prescribe home use of its groundbreaking treatment for amblyopia, strabismus, and convergence insufficiency.

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Dr. Alex Talaber from the Boulder Valley Vision Therapy clinic shares her experience treating patients with virtual reality vision therapy tools

A podcast conversation with Dr. Alex Talaber on the current state of vision therapy, her research into human vision and her experiences treating patients with Vivid Vision.

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Podcast: A parent and a young patient share their experience with Vivid Vision

A podcast conversation with the parent of a young virtual reality vision therapy patient.

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Travel highlights and upcoming conferences - Update for June 2017

An update on our previous travels and our upcoming conferences.

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A conversation with the UVEA Clinic, an early provider of Vivid Vision.

A conversation with the team from the UVEA MEDIKLINIK in Martin, Slovakia

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New Providers and Press Coverage - Update for May 2017

Sharing highlights and updates from the past few weeks.

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