The Vision Wiki

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Finding good information about vision disorders can be tough, particularly when there are so many types of vision disorders and medical terms. This wiki compiles all the best information and links into one place so you can learn more about the physiology of vision, how it works, and how it can get better with various treatments.

Tests and Treatments

Find out the latest on lazy eye vision tests and lazy eye treatments including lazy eye surgery, eye exercises, vision therapy, eye patching, and virtual reality.

Symptoms and Signs

Learn about the symptoms, signs, causes, and definitions of amblyopia, strabismus, convergence insufficiency, accommodation disorders. See how strabismus, amblyopia, and CI can cause reading problems, driving problems, headaches, eye strain, double vision, blurry vision.

Visual Skills

Discover how to train visual skills like stereopsis, suppression, convergence, accommodation and visual tracking.

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