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Vivid Vision on Leap Motion's Twitch
Written by James Blaha on April 28, 2015
James Discusses Diplopia With Leap Motion
Written by James Blaha on March 21, 2014
Diplopia Has Been Accepted Into the Leap Axlr8r!
Written by James Blaha on January 11, 2014
Diplopia on Leap Motion Labs
Filed under diplopia, leap motion, labs, code.
Written by James Blaha on January 8, 2014

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Bubbles Screenshot - bubbles screenshot leap motion gameplay high resolution
Bubbles Screenshot
Breaker Screen - breaker screenshot leap motion vivid vision high resolution
Breaker Screen
Vivid Vision for Amblyopia Box and Bundle - vivid vision amblyopia bundle computer leap motion xbox controller touchscreen high resolution
Vivid Vision For Amblyopia Box And Bundle
Vivid Vision - vivid vision amblyopia bundle computer leap motion xbox controller touchscreen
Vivid Vision
The Vivid Vision Bundle and Software - software vivid vision bundle hardware leap motion xbox controller oculus rift touchscreen high resolution
The Vivid Vision Bundle And Software
The Bundle - vivid vision amblyopia bundle computer leap motion xbox controller touchscreen
The Bundle

Find a Vivid Vision Provider

Over 387 Vivid Vision Providers prescribe virtual reality alongside patching and vision therapy to treat your lazy eye. Sign up through our doctor locator to see if Vivid Vision is right for you.

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