May Home AND Clinical Software Update!


Language Options

Language options now include German, Spanish, Italian, and French. Use the new globe icon located in the upper-right corner of the interface to select a language. Any new patients will automatically default to match the interface language. You will receive a prompt to update all current patients to your chosen language the first time you make a language selection. You can alter the patient’s language of preference from the Settings tab.

Vivid Vision Home patients will also benefit from this! The Vivid Vision Home platform now offers patients the option to select a language from the main software interface.

We will soon be adding Greek and Japanese. 

Performance Metrics 

Each game and activity now includes an in-launcher notification that continually displays a patient’s performance in real-time, during play. We've also added the performance metrics to the post-game summary and Data tab. Check it out!

The Following Bugs were Addressed: 

  • Fixed an issue where picking an incorrect fruit or vegetable followed by using the white flag caused produce to stop appearing in Pepper Picker 
  • In Barnyard Bounce the Baby Chick character no longer continually resets while on the ground, the number of stars and animals unlocked no longer appears less than earned, the input of animal abilities was optimized, and the energy cost for the Sheep character was altered
  • In Bullseye the water gun no longer fails to shoot with Touch/Vive controllers while Hand Camera is enabled
  • Ring Runner ring collection at high speeds was improved
  • General performance optimizations

From our Support Team 

Our Support Team has a friendly reminder to check your Oculus or SteamVR software for updates. To do so, launch your Oculus or SteamVR software and check the notifications for pending updates. Accept and install these updates prior to starting Vivid Vision to optimize your patient’s VR experience!

The updated Vivid Vision manuals for both Clinic and Home users are available under the Manuals tab.

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