Bullseye: New Content for Vivid Vision!

Bullseye is an interactive, carnival game themed activity used to train distance stereopsis in a virtual reality setting.

The Vivid Vision team has been working hard to bring you this incredible new game!  Each new activity, feature, and setting for the Vivid Vision platform is evaluated and implemented in a collaborative fashion.

Our optometrists, vision therapists, programmers, and game designers work together every step of the way to bring you optimal vision therapy experiences in virtual reality!

We’re excited to announce Bullseye, the first virtual reality vision therapy game designed exclusively to work on distance stereopsis skills.

Built to be intuitive, engaging, and easy to use, Bullseye features a carnival-themed environment with a target shooting activity designed to improve the patient’s stereopsis at distances of three or six meters. Using stereo cues, patients must accurately hit the targets in order from closest to farthest. 

As the player answers correctly and completes levels, the game becomes harder. Changes in disparity demand and number of targets help elevate the difficulty of Bullseye. There is also a fun reward system embedded in the game that encourages a patient to continue playing. Disparity demand is decreased automatically if the patient shoots a series of incorrect targets during a level of play. Players earn fun Barnyard Bounce character trophies at certain achievement intervals as well...unlocking the baby chick if they achieve "Master" level difficulty.

Providers and patients alike will love this new game. Bullseye offers a nice complement (or alternative) to our fan-favorite game, Bubbles, which works on nearpoint stereopsis exclusively. 

Bullseye can currently be enjoyed through the Vivid Vision clinical system and will soon be released for Vivid Vision Home. 

Love it! I love that it’s a carnival game, and you earn ‘animal plushies’, it’s a great addition!                                                                       ~Jess, Vision Therapist from WOW Vision Therapy

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