Your February Update is Here!

The February update for your Vivid Vision software is here!

Our February update to the clinical system will be released on Monday, 3 February, at 10 am US Pacific Time (7 pm CET and Tuesday, 4 February at 5 am AEDT). You will get a notification of a Vivid Vision software update when you launch Vivid Vision. Please plan accordingly to minimize disruptions with your therapy schedule. Please note that these updates and changes will not be immediately visible in Vivid Vision Home, but they will be available in a future update to the Home software!

As always, most of our updates come from direct feedback we receive from providers like you! Thank you for helping us make Vivid Vision the best vision therapy tool on the market. 


Introducing our newest game, Bullseye!

This brand new distance stereoacuity game is available to clinics on Premium Support. Patients shoot targets with a water gun in a fun carnival environment and win prizes. Bullseye offers both 3 and 6 meter target distances and can be played using VR controllers or gamepad. The game will also be released for Vivid Vision Home in the coming months.

If you want to upgrade to Premium Support and receive Bullseye for your software, please email: or contact your Vivid Vision distributor.

Pepper Picker now offers a reset feature. If a patient is unable to locate a fruit or pepper, have them grab the white flag and drop it in the basket. This action will reveal the produce momentarily and then reset the scene with new produce.

Barnyard Bounce now has an option to increase the vergence demand smoothly rather than in discrete steps.

Virtual Prism
The VR monitor window now displays the amount of virtual prism in each eye. Remember that the amounts are affected by the Split Deviation option. The Home tab now also shows the virtual prism that will be applied in each eye for the chosen activity.

A “Training” tab has been added to the main interface. Use the new blue Training tab to schedule a training call with one of our clinical team members.

The VR hands have been updated for improved appearance and physical interaction. In addition to a graphical change, the physical boundaries now match the visual representation more closely. However, in games that use the pointing pose such as Bubbles, only the index fingers will register an action.

Vivid Vision Options Menu
The Vivid Vision options menu now adjusts automatically for each game and activity to minimize sudden changes in vergence. Don’t forget that a patient can change their hand appearance using the Vivid Vision options menu ("hamburger" Ξ button).

The system menu notification text has been updated to read: "The headset is either in STANDBY or in the System Menu. Put on the headset or press the Home button on the VR Controller." Remember that this feature is primarily designed to notify the clinician that the patient may have entered the Oculus or SteamVR system menu.

The following bugs were addressed: 
  • The physical boundaries of the VR hands (hitbox) were adjusted to require more precision in Bubbles and Turbo.
  • Hand warning text in Bubbles was adjusted so not to appear too quickly.
  • Default game and activity setting for new patients was adjusted to start with Dichoptic Mode active.

Please note that these updates and changes will not be immediately visible in Vivid Vision Home, but they will be available in a future update of the Home software!

  • The updated PDF Games and Activities user manual can be found here.

We would love to hear your feedback! 

Send us a message to and let us know what you think of the new features!

Until next time,
The Vivid Vision Team

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