Podcast: A parent and a young patient share their experience with Vivid Vision

"We did regular vision therapy for about six months before Doctor Nate (Bonilla-Warford) got Vivid Vision at his office. He was doing well anyways, but after Vivid Vision he started doing much better.  It's not perfect but his progression is going quicker than we thought. "

Welcome to the Vivid Vision spotlights podcast. Rebekah Nault joins us to share her and her son's experience using Vivid Vision.

Show Notes

1:00 How did Rebekah find out about her son's binocular vision issues?

2:30 How Rebekah found about virtual reality vision therapy.

3:40 Conversations around the age of Rebekah's and Vivid Vision.

4:30 What changes has Rebekah noticed about her son since beginning VR vision therapy.

6:00 Was giving Vivid Vision a try a difficult decision?

7:30 How Vivid Vision impacted life at school and at home.

8:30 How can Vivid Vision improve in the future?

11:00 A young patient's perspective on Vivid Vision.

13:00 Why Ring Runner is Ben's favorite game.

14:00 What would be a dream game for Ben?

Thanks to Rebekah and Ben for coming on the show! 

Drawing by Ben Nault.

Drawing courtesy of Ben Nault. 

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