Oculus Go Discontinuation Notice

Oculus Go support to end per manufacturer's end-of-life cycle

Our goal at Vivid Vision is to provide excellent service and support for our flagship VR binocular vision product, Vivid Vision Home. Unfortunately, Facebook (Oculus) has discontinued selling and supporting the Oculus Go headset and will no longer permit updates to software, including Vivid Vision Home, for the Go. 

Effective immediately, Vivid Vision Home users who use an Oculus Go headset will no longer receive updates of the Vivid Vision Home software. The current version will continue to be fully functional, but features and fixes from now onward will be unavailable.  


For current Vivid Vision Home Patients Using the Oculus Go

The current version of the software will continue to be functional as-is. Patients currently using an Oculus Go headset can complete their prescribed home therapy program using the current software version. However, due to the inability to update our software, we cannot guarantee that Vivid Vision Home will continue to function as intended. Please plan to offer new patients a supported headset option. The most up-to-date supported headset list is available at this link.


For new Vivid Vision Home Patients

Our recommended mobile headset is the DPVR P1 Pro. This headset comes with the Vivid Vision Home software pre-loaded and requires no Facebook or Oculus accounts. It is directly comparable to the Go in function and performance. Your new Vivid Vision Home patients will love it.

The DPVR headset is available on the Vivid Vision webstore or through your local Vivid Vision distributor. Alternatively, a patient or clinic that does not have access to the DPVR headset may purchase an Oculus Quest or Quest 2 headset, as these headsets are also supported by Vivid Vision. 

If you are a provider carrying Oculus Go headsets in stock to sell or dispense directly to your patients, you can continue to use your stock if you choose. As stated above, software updates released by Vivid Vision will not be available for users of the Go headset.  

We thank you for being a Vivid Vision customer! We are diligently working to improve the Vivid Vision experience! If you have any questions about or need any help with software or hardware, don’t hesitate to contact us using our dedicated support email support@seevividly.com or give us a call at 877-877-0310.

Until next time,
The Vivid Vision Team
Vivid Vision, Inc.

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