Introducing a New Game for Vergence Training: Barnyard Bounce

We are excited to announce a new update! On February 18, 2019 we will launch an expansion to the Vivid Vision Clinical software with a preview of our new activity, bug fixes, and polish on existing activities. Here’s what you can look forward to:

Revised Interface for Each Game

All games will have a standardized layout as well as pre-determined difficulty settings (Easy, Medium, Hard, and Master). In addition, a Custom difficulty option will display all game settings like you currently see them. Use a standard difficulty setting for patients or create your own!

All anti-suppression games have an option for Dichoptic Mode. The default mode is for the patient to be in a fully stereoscopic environment, but changing a game to Dichoptic Mode will place the patient in an anti-suppression environment. Virtual prism can be manipulated in both modes. In addition to this change, you’ll notice that the Dominant Eye settings are now only Right or Left, and all anti-suppression games also allow the use of the Contrast Ratio slider.

Expanded Options for Turbo and Flash Match

Turbo has been expanded with pre-determined difficulty settings that use a repeatable concentric layout. The Custom option still allows for a randomized layout and manipulation of customized patterns of targets. The targets can now also be placed in Stereo Mode to train speed of stereo recognition. A new Memory module has also been added to Turbo. The patient will be challenged to memorize a series of numbers and then tap them in the order they were shown.

Flash Match been expanded to include Animal, Letter (B, D, P, Q), and Arrow targets. Use new modules such as Visual Discrimination, Visual Memory, and Sequential Memory to challenge a patient’s visual-perceptual skills!

Introducing a New Game for Vergence Training - Barnyard Bounce

Barnyard Bounce is the first of a series of planned game releases focused on vergence therapy. This is an early release that offers training of Base-In and Base-Out vergence abilities. An updated PDF copy of the Games Manual will be included in our next email notification.

We would love to hear your feedback as we continue to expand our program. Please feel free to write to us at any time at

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