Vivid Vision Expands into Europe with CE Mark, Asia Next

San Francisco, February 1st, 2018 - Vivid Vision, a medical technology company which uses virtual reality head-mounted displays to treat vision disorders, announced it has received CE Mark registration status in the EU. Vivid Vision’s software suite is used for treating binocular vision disorders such as amblyopia, strabismus, and convergence insufficiency. The software and associated hardware is distributed by VISUS GmbH, based in Stuttgart, Germany.

Vivid Vision also announced the opening of its Vivid Vision Asia office in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. The company plans to expand throughout Asia over the coming year.

“CE Mark registration is an important milestone for Vivid Vision, as is opening our first Vivid Vision Asia office. These accomplishments will enable us to treat more people globally.” says James Blaha, CEO and founder of Vivid Vision.

In the past, amblyopia was thought to be untreatable in adults. Blaha developed Vivid Vision in his efforts to treat his own amblyopia, and was able to gain three dimensional vision for the first time in his life. Traditional treatments for binocular vision disorders include placing a patch over the unaffected eye, and tools like the Brock String, which is a long string with colorful beads placed along the length. These treatments have limited success in adults, and children often don’t complete the lengthy patching process.

While the Vivid Vision Clinical software is intended to be used during regular visits to optometry clinics, the Vivid Vision Home software is used by the patient at home with regular monitoring done remotely by an eye care professional. Vivid Vision Home and Vivid Vision Clinical enable millions of patients to get access to vision therapy who were previously unable to get it.

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