List of LEAP Axlr8r participants and more!

Techcrunch has posted a list of the all the teams that will be taking part in the LEAP Axlr8r. We're really excited to see the different ways the participants are implementing the Leap Motion Controller in their projects.

Fast Company's Alice Truong contacted us for short interview on our project. Go read her great post about Diplopia! 

Next, I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Manish and I have been working with James for many years on all sorts of different software projects. Over the years I've known James, we've discussed the possibility of using technology to try to strengthen his strabismic eye and give him 3D vision. It was fascinating to hear of his first 3 dimensional visual experience, which was triggered during early testing of Diplopia. When he asked me about joining him on this project, it was a no brainer.

We'll keep you guys posted on our progress here over the course of the accelerator. Thanks for reading!

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