Virtual Reality vision therapy is now available to be prescribed for home use

IVivid Vision Home for amblyopia, strabismus, and convergence insufficiency. am pleased to announce our release of Vivid Vision Home, allowing eye doctors in the US and Canada to prescribe home use of its groundbreaking treatment for amblyopia, strabismus, and convergence insufficiency. 

Vivid Vision Clinical is the most advanced lazy eye treatment system in the world, released to eye doctors almost two years ago. It is designed to let your eye doctor have absolute control over your treatment. For patients who can't make it into the clinic as often as they should, and as an adjunct or follow up treatment, there is Vivid Vision Home.

To find out if Vivid Vision Home is right for you, find a provider near you with our doctor locator.

Supporting the Rift, Vive, and GearVR, patients can now use a suite of interactive vision therapy exercises and games under the remote supervision of their eye doctor in the comfort of their own home.

If you'd like to provide your doctor with information about Vivid Vision and how to prescribe it, please download our patient kit.

vivid vision home announcement