The eyes

The human eyes are made up of the following components:

The pupil:

This is a sphincter muscle that regulates how much light enters the eye by contracting and expanding.

The lens:

Adjustments in the lens in conjunction with the pupil regulate the amount of light that can enter the eye.

The retina:

This is the part of the eye that tra


The front part of the eye. Twice as much of the bending of light is done here compared to the lens.

Aqueous humor:

Vitreous Humor:

Consistent of water and salt. Helps with visual adjustment.

Optic nerve:

Connects the eye to the brain.

Tear system:

Composed of the tear gland and the tear drainage sac allows for moisturizing and a bacterial defense system.


A layer of protection


Ciliary body




Check out the Periodic table of

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