Dr. Allison Mckelvey
Dr. Allison Mckelvey
Address: 3490 Independence Dr, Ste 110
Birmingham, AL 35209
Website:  www.dryeyecenterofalabama.com
Phone: 205-490-2322
Active Home Provider Certified Clinical Provider

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Betsy Yaros
Dry Eye Center of Alabama & Family Eye Care is a Vivid Vision Certified provider.
Willie, Patient

"Vivid Vision is making a huge difference in how I see and I want to do it all the time! The games like Ring Runner, Hoopie, Bubbles, and Breaker are fun...and they’re working."

Willie Patient

Dry Eye Center of Alabama & Family Eye Care is an eye clinic in Birmingham, AL, US specializing in vision therapy and binocular vision offering treatment for amblyopia, strabismus, convergence disorders, visual-perceptual problems, and more using Vivid Vision as part of their comprehensive vision therapy program.

Dry Eye Center of Alabama & Family Eye Care prescribes Vivid Vision Home so you can do vision therapy in the comfort of your own house.