Address: 1D, 83 Cambridge St, Burlington, MA 01803
Phone: (781) 272-2187
Hours:Monday 10am to 7 pm, Tuesday 1pm to 6pm, Wednesday and Thursday 10am to 6 pm, Friday 9am to 5 pm Saturday 9am to 3pm. Closed Saturdays in July and August.
Active Home Provider Certified Clinical Provider

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Vivid Vision is available by prescription at this location for in-office and at-home therapy. Contact them using the form below to schedule an appointment.

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Betsy Yaros
Catherine Kennedy, OD, FCOVD is a Vivid Vision Certified provider.
Jamie Z,  Patient

"I couldn’t believe how fast and drastic the improvements were in his vision after he started using Vivid Vision. It made vision therapy so much easier!"

Jamie Z Patient's Mother

Catherine Kennedy, OD, FCOVD is a vision care provider in Burlington, MA, US specializing in vision therapy and binocular vision offering treatment for amblyopia, strabismus, convergence disorders, visual-perceptual problems, and more using Vivid Vision as part of their comprehensive vision therapy program.

Catherine Kennedy, OD, FCOVD provides Vivid Vision Clinical to patients by prescription for in-office treatment. If the doctor determines it is appropriate for you, the clinic also prescribes Vivid Vision Home so you can do vision therapy in the comfort of your own house.