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Select your VR device from the choices below.

Android based mobile headsets like the GearVR are the cheapest hardware that supports Vivid Vision Home. They use select Samsung phones combined with the GearVR headset to provide a high-quality virtual reality experience.

If you don't already have a powerful computer and don't want to spend the money getting a PC-based headset and compatble computer system, we recommend getting a GearVR and one of the supported phones for less. Another advantage to android-based headsets is that they are mobile, allowing you to bring Vivid Vision Home with you wherever you go.

You can get any GearVR compatible phone with a phone plan, and that is often a good way to save some money on the cost of the phone. If you are not planning on switching plans, you can still get the phone without a plan and use Wi-Fi to connect to the internet.

Supported Phones

Additional Accessories Required

  • Gear VR Headset Shop
  • Samsung Gear VR Controller Shop

Setting Up the GearVR

  • Connect controller
  • Follow included instructions with your controller

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